Boring Lectures

Let’s face it guys and gals. Most of the time, traditional schooling is boring. There, I said it: B-O-R-I-N-G, boring! Even for someone like me, who loves to learn in general, it can be boring a lot of the time. Once in a while, when I’m sitting near the front of the class, I like to turn around and “check in” with my classmates, to see how they’re doing on a psychological level. Man, those faces!! I don’t to stereotype too much, but I often see tiredness, hostility, zoning out, and apathy, to name a few.

And some of the teachers themselves are bored by the lectures. I’ve had a few teachers who took some of my favourite topics in the world, and turned them into complete drudgery. And then they wonder why the high school drop out rate is so high here!

So what’s your take on the “boring” issue? Can you think of any creative ways to help reduce boredom in the classroom? What will it take – better teachers, better material, a different organizational culture? A mixture of methods? Or are things fine the way they are?

I mean, I agree that it does take hard work to achieve “the heights of success and learning,” so at times the process WILL be boring. But most certainly not at the astronomic levels of boredom we students currently experience!