About the Author

Nathan is 23 years old, and from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has recently graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Organizational Psychology.

Nathan is fascinated with group dynamics, human motivation, organizational culture, and personality theories (including the MBTI, in particular.) Outside of psychology, he is interested in electoral systems, politics, different cultures, and of course, group games. You can often find him designing, organizing, and hosting games and game shows, or just scribbling away and coming up with new ideas for games on the fly. In his spare time, Nathan also like to read, dance, and go sight seeing.



I’m very new to this process, but I would love to get involved in writing or speaking for another blog, newspaper, or for some other organization. So if you like my ideas here, and would like me to be involved in your organization, please contact me by either leaving me a message on Facebook, a direct message on Twitter, or an email at: nathan.wong.18 (at) gmail (dot) com.


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